Success story of Mohit Chawla


Like another simple guy, the journey of Mohit Chawlastarted from a small town of Rohtak city.  The town where he first opened his eyes is Kalanaur of Haryana on 7th July 1989. In the initial years of his childhood, it was just an another small town boy’s story but then who would have thought latter one, it would be one of the most successful stories among all, where an young entrepreneur would carry forward the dreams of hundreds of people in his strong shoulder and make a revolutionary change in the field of internet marketing and IT business with the foundation of ChawTech Solution. When we look back on his journey as the founder and as an internet entrepreneur, we believe, it has been truly a remarkable journey of a roller coaster ride with uncertainty at its pick and fear of a failure was embedded in each steps, but then, like a true leader, like a proven champion he has made it this far where not many people can see himself. 

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